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RESISTANCE. The opposition of force to force.
     2. Resistance is either lawful or unlawful. 1. It is lawful to resist one who is in the act of committing a felony or other crime, or who maliciously endeavors to commit such felony or crime. See self defence. And a man may oppose force to force against one who endeavors to make an arrest, or to enter his house without lawful authority for the purpose; or, if in certain cases he abuse such authority, and do more than he was authorized to do; or if it turn out in the result he has no right to enter, then the party about to be imprisoned, or whose house is about to be illegally entered, may resist the illegal imprisonment or entry by self-defence, not using any dangerous weapons, and may escape, be rescued, or even break prison, and others may assist him in so doing. 5 Taunt. 765; 1 B. & Adol, 166; 1 East, P. C. 295; 5 East, 304; 1 Chit. Pr. 634. See Regular and Irregular Process.
     3.-2. Resistance is unlawful when the persons having a lawful authority to arrest, apprehend, or imprison, or otherwise to advance or execute the public justice of the country, either civil or criminal, and using the proper means for that purpose, are resisted in so doing; and if the party guilty of such resistance, or others assisting him, be killed in the struggle, such homicide is justifiable; while on the other hand, if the officer be killed, it will, at common law, be murder in those who resist. Fost. 270; 1 Hale, 457; 1 East, P. C. 305.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Features typical of AHO and hormone resistance have been detected in some patients with POH.
Osophagogastroduodenal graphy was taken considering that patients with adrenocorticotropic hormone resistance should also be evaluated in terms of AAA syndrome and moderate reflux was found in our patient.
Therefore, the sustained response experienced by our patient may be due to the reversion of hormone resistance by sirolimus, rather than to the activity of the mTOR inhibitor alone, in parallel to breast cancer [26].
Type Ia is the most common type which is an autosomal dominant condition it has phenotypic features of AHO with hormone resistance and decreased nephrogenic cAMP response to PTH and GNSA 1 mutation as well.
The particular field of drug resistance in breast cancer has been subject to intense research which has revealed several key mechanisms central to the process of hormone resistance. Of particular importance is the role that growth factor receptors and their downstream signalling intermediates play in promoting hormone insensitivity, particularly through cross-talk with the ER itself.
One postulated mechanism for thyroid hormone resistance found in WTS/CFS might be due to a dysregulation in the type I interferons (IFN-alpha/beta) pathway.
Increased clusterin expression protects prostate cancer cells from the cytotoxic effects of hormone ablation and chemotherapy and elevated levels of clusterin are associated with hormone resistance and metastasis.
The next group of models presented mimicked thyroid hormone resistance, which is clinically defined as exhibiting elevated serum levels of free [T.sub.4] and [T.sub.3], normal or slightly elevated levels of serum TSH, no signs of thyroid toxicosis, and goiter (Weiss and Refetoff 2000).
Biochemical evidence of parathyroid hormone resistance without Albright hereditary osteodystrophy, seen with this patient, suggests pseudohypoparathyroidism1b.
PRKAR1A and PDE4D mutations cause acrodysostosis but two distinct syndrome with or without GPCR-signaling hormone resistance. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2012;97:2328-2338.
* Subclinical hypothyroidism * Graves' disease * Autoimmune thyroiditis * Polycystic ovary syndrome * Fibrocystic breast disease * Obesity * Sleep apnea * Cardiac arrhythmia * Diabetes (both types) * Hypertension * Hormone resistance syndromes

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