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A primer; a book explaining the basics, fundamentals, or rudiments of any science or branch of knowledge. The phrase hornbook law is a colloquial designation of the rudiments or general principles of law.

A colloquial reference to a series of textbooks that review various fields of law in summary, narrative form, as opposed to casebooks, which are designed as primary teaching tools and include many reprints of court opinions.

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(US) a student textbook, as opposed to a treatise for practitioners.
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Verkuil, Administrative Law and Process (4th ed., Foundation Press 2004): a student hornbook that is an abbreviated version of, with citations to, the multi-volume treatise; a ready introduction to administrative procedures.
at 61-62 (discussing "hornbook" principles and the "venerable common law backdrop" of corporate law).
[section] 78u-4(e)(l); HAZEN HORNBOOK, supra note 3, at 284 (rev.
As hornbook, the human heart is not just the object to be read but at the same time that which teaches to read.
(5) The recorded version was published as early as 1930 in The Hobo's Hornbook, though it had already appeared several times in sheet music form.
Middleton's mention of the practice at both kinds of theatres is expanded with specific details by Thomas Dekker in The Gull's Hornbook. (5) In chapter six, "How a Gallant should behaue himselfe in a Playhouse," Dekker's topical references and allusions signal that he means to be taken literally when near the start he establishes both indoor and outdoor theatres as the context for his extended and detailed satire:
One instrument was a page of written script fastened to a board and covered with a translucent film of horn therefore incorrectly called a hornbook. Another text was The New England Primer that contained 88 pages and measured about 3% inches by 4% inches.
All needs must there begin, that would be wise, Nor let them fall under Discouragement, Who at their hornbook stick, and time hath spent, Upon that A.
(151) The basic answer to all questions provided by the cases is that RICO conspiracy adopts background "hornbook" criminal conspiracy laws.
This unique introduction to pioneer history in the form of an ABC book (B is for Bandalore (a forerunner of the yoyo), H is for the Hornbook (the textbook that most children learned to spell with), X is for the eXhaustion of hardworking homesteading families).
HORNBOOK (horn-book)--any publication designed to stimulate prurience in men [a manual for children to teach them the rudiments of knowledge]