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While Ophiuchus may be new to mainstream horoscopes, its serpentine imagery has been correctly used correctly as the Rod of Asklepios and incorrectly as the Staff of Caduceus in medicine for quite some time.
Philosopher Julian Baggini says horoscopes play to our brain's need to find order in the world.
The horoscope, sources informed, had clearly mentioned that Usha would have to go to jail at least once in her life time.
You'll find that the guidelines there are at least equally applicable, and almost certainly more so, than what you'll find in the horoscope column.
I think unless she gives you a real reason instead of blaming it all on horoscope, then you should stand your ground.
Feb 20-Mar 20 PISCES NEXT time you ring up the editor to complain about my horoscopes, remember that I have some very scary friends, like Jupiter and the Crab Nebula, and we know where you live.
I trained as an actor, but I started doing celebrity horoscopes and then there was the royal horoscope - the Queen Mother was a big fan.
Hyeongmin Kim of Johns Hopkins University, and Katina Kulow and Thomas Kramer of the University of South Carolina said that conventional wisdom might suggest that for people who believe they can change their fate, an unfavourable horoscope should result in an attempt to improve their fate.
I've always had interest in astrology, especially where my love life is concerned, and I read my horoscope as much as possible, whether online, or in newspapers and magazines.
alleging the media chain infringed copyright by running horoscope columns without permission.
As per the plan to beat the ''destiny charted out by the planets'', she got arrested to fulfill the prophesy in her horoscope, so that she could ward off the prospect of an arrest by the CBI in a criminal offence, the AIADMK leader alleged.
As this issue sees astrologer Patrick Arundell cast his eye over the year to come, I did have a sneaky peek at my own horoscope for the year ahead.