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Richard, who has also appeared in Merlin and Doctor Who, said: "I did a small part in Emmerdale once because I was short of cash but it's a fairly horrendous schedule they have, soap stars.
Appealing for witnesses to the stabbing to come forward, the 55-year-old said: "It's just been horrendous.
Strauss said: "It was horrendous, those last 10 overs.
We have a horrendous row within days of being reunited because it's annoying to have someone else telling you what to do and then we get over that and we are really happy," she added.
The Assembly has horrendous financial implications' (Mr Bragg, Viewpoints, December 13).
Hardy riders saw it out to the end despite horrendous weather conditions at a horse show in Greenhead Park.
Another factor that could hurt Park's cause is a horrendous Cactus League performance as a starter, something he attributed to the time he missed while at the WBC.
The chairman of Madeley Parish Council, Billy Welsh, said: "The impact on the environment and on people's lives would be absolutely horrendous.
The result of these researches is a novelization of the life of Buffalo Calf Road Woman, a story set during the horrendous Indian wars that followed the Civil War.
Finance firms were today being urged to close a horrendous 43% pay gap between men and women working in the sector as the Government was unveiling plans to speed up equal pay claims.
She said: "When he was nice, he was so lovely to me, but the fear was always there, the horrendous, horrendous fear.
PLEASE support the desperate people of Syria as the plight of these people has been a long and horrendous one.