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As Ron emerged in his old teddy boy suit, wordlessly announcing that he had chosen to stay with Tina rather than seize his long-delayed chance to run off with Nina, the whole thing took on the air of a Victoria Wood sketch gone horribly, horribly wrong.
I was working on the crew from seven to seven, and it was horribly depressing," Contactmusic quoted him as telling Playboy magazine.
He said: "My feeling is that it's just horribly unprofessional and an extremely bitter pill to swallow that, at the biggest tournament in the sport, we're having to deal with this.
Summary: The moment a circus performance went horribly wrong for a Ukrainian lion tamer has been caught on video by an American tourist.
Her complete faith as producer and actress in Phil Traill's quirky romantic comedy is horribly misplaced.
Well worth watching, if only for the distinct possibility it might all go horribly, horribly wrong.
For the non-scootering set, the best way to join in the festivities is to catch the bands playing afterward, including awesome indie rockers Radio America, whose song "Mahabharata" is horribly, horribly catchy.
Chronicling explorers, missionaries, and archaeologists ranging from Viking settlers and Renaissance conquerors to modern-day scientists, The Frozen Ship also reflects upon morbid global cultural fascination with expeditions that went horribly wrong, and the powerfully romanticized appeal of the frozen polar landscapes and the drive to plant flags in ice.
If you reckon that's a cheap shot it's nothing compared to the humiliation heaped on the large ladies who made the massive mistake of participating in Channel 4's horribly exploitative Fat Beauty Contest.
She is horribly disfigured by acid thrown into her face by her own father, whose intended victim was his wife, not his daughter.
During his reign, he tried to strengthen the state and the military, but his methods and acts were so horribly cruel that he was later called Ivan the Terrible.