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Graner, standing behind his frat-house pyramid of naked, hooded Iraqis; and in the hackneyed thumbs-up flashed by Private Lynndie England as she caught the photographer's eye--her other hand pointing at the genitals of a prisoner she and her buddies had ordered to masturbate--we could see how horridly right Golub got things.
We believe Zirkle's actions are horridly unfair to the immigrant workers who have taken the legal channels to work here-making sacrifices at every step of the way to create a better life for their families," Berman added.
The appalling rule of the civil engineer over the fabric of civilization, a reign which so dominated and horridly destroyed our notions of decent urban life in the second half of the last century, is surely coming to a close--at least in Europe, if not in much of Asia, Africa and the US.
Helbronner was especially sorry that nothing substantial was being done in the matter of the horridly high infant mortality rate.
Prices have also prompted calls for implementing customer choice in areas where it is horridly available, with proponents claiming that competition could have held down recent price increases.
Constant focus on possible/impossible transformation into the transcendent can make a person horridly uncooperative, contemptuous, remote, or boring--or all of these.
First and foremost, it is the darkly hip, caring voice of the poet-activist-reporter, one full of irony, angst, loathing, and moral outrage, sounding and surfacing so often in the narrative that makes The Family such a unique statement on the time when the greatest twentieth-century romanticism of American youth revealed its dark possibilities, its potential for horridly violent metamorphosis--Woodstock to Altamont Speedway, neo-Thoreau to post-Poe.
5) Separate and horridly unequal conditions characterized public education earlier this century, when black children were taught in one room shacks in conditions that were "`miserable beyond all description.
Those big commercial humidity controls are horridly expensive.
The reason is Hobsbawm's horridly condescending opinion of popular music, an opinion that permeates the book and consequently colors all of his broad-ranging arguments.