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His approach to one of his most successful performances, as the original Ernst Ludwig in director Sam Mendes's production of Cabaret (which is still running under the aegis of New York's Roundabout Theatre Company at Studio 54) hints at how easily he reveals the horridness of certain humans.
Much of the horridness of serial killers like the one in Tightrope, Daniel Blank (David Dukes) in The First Deadly Sin, Johnny in Angel Heart, John Doe in Seven, or the John Lithgow character in Blowout, derives from the fact that their actions do have a quality of ritual inversion about them, an aesthetic perfection, and a deranged sense of transcendent mission.
Yesterday morning's Birmingham Conservatoire Prizewinner's recital was given by soprano Samantha Hay, first-ever singer to win this prestigious opportunity, and an artist who ignored the horridness of the hour for vocal performance and seized the day by the scruff of the neck.
Just like the narrator who reels at the sight of a still-warm hangman, whose horridness dramatically undermines the otherwise presumed beauty of Venus' island in "Un Voyage a Cythere," here, too, he is shaken into accepting a specifically grotesque point of view from among a wide range of sublime possibilities, exclaiming:
That could be a downer, but the realisation of Mageslayer's 3D world is achieved admirably, with the camera zooming up and down as you battle up slopes or drop into pools of unpleasant horridness.
But even so, Becky is an angel compared with Tracy and her scheming, cheating, lying and general horridness.