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Yet in spite of this, Russia and China are preventing the Security Council from issuing even a mere statement on these horrifying facts.
Will a state that allows such a horrifying statistic when it comes to its citizens and roads be able to defend its borders?
District Attorney Bret Burns called it the most horrifying single murder case of his 17-year carreer.
Detective Inspector Douglas Weir, of Strathclyde Police, said: "This was a particularly horrifying ordeal for a teenage girl and it's vital we trace the individuals involved.
Davies, 34, of Vale Street, Denbigh, shouted he would kill her and there followed an attack which eyewitnesses called horrifying, said Simon Medland, prosecuting.
But Judge Hume-Jones told him that he had subjected the teenage girl to a 'horrifying experience'.
Unfortunately this economic script offers up a shock ending that is no longer much of a surprise, though it remains pretty horrifying to watch and so much worse to live through.
Indeed, there is something horrifying about the void at the core of the psychopath.
April 17, 1975, was one of the most bizarre and horrifying days in modern history.
Earth to Knight: the whole point of torture is to inflict the ultimate degradation on your captives, precisely that which is most horrifying or repellent, not what your society has come to accept.
In "One Liberty at a Time," Anthony Lewis writes, "There is no reason to believe that Guantanamo prisoners have been tortured in, say, the horrifying ways that Saddam Hussein used in Iraq." However, interviews of former prisoners, conducted by Human Rights Watch, suggest that the torture there is only slightly less horrifying.