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Yet in spite of this, Russia and China are preventing the Security Council from issuing even a mere statement on these horrifying facts.
Davies, 34, of Vale Street, Denbigh, shouted he would kill her and there followed an attack which eyewitnesses called horrifying, said Simon Medland, prosecuting.
But this summer heralds a blockbuster sequel that promises to be every bit as horrifying as its original.
The shameful way Japanese American soldiers were treated will be eye-opening to most readers, and the scenes on Cat Island are dramatic and horrifying.
Patterson's original book describes native american legends as well as details of various individual sightings and even a horrifying Bigfoot story attributed to Theodore Roosevelt.
Indeed, there is something horrifying about the void at the core of the psychopath.
April 17, 1975, was one of the most bizarre and horrifying days in modern history.
Earth to Knight: the whole point of torture is to inflict the ultimate degradation on your captives, precisely that which is most horrifying or repellent, not what your society has come to accept.
Foer offers an artfully-told, and often horrifying, rogues' gallery of hooligans and corrupt executives, the ways in which a general global economic and political optimism has failed to dissolve or even diminish the odious traditions and rites of the developing world, or the stubborn elements of the developed nations: the hideous, sometimes murderous clashes between Catholics and Protestants, a pre-Enlightenment tension that finds voice in the rivalry of Celtic (Glasgow's Catholic club) and Rangers (the city's Protestant, royalist side).
This seems to me, however, to be even more horrifying than the burning of fossil fuels, which I believe we will be able to survive quite well without, once we consume them all.
It's a shocking and horrifying story because it is a shocking and horrifying story.
AN ex-Marine launched a ``sustained, horrifying assault'' on a man outside a nightclub in Liverpool, breaking his neck.