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Yet in spite of this, Russia and China are preventing the Security Council from issuing even a mere statement on these horrifying facts.
Davies, 34, of Vale Street, Denbigh, shouted he would kill her and there followed an attack which eyewitnesses called horrifying, said Simon Medland, prosecuting.
Unfortunately this economic script offers up a shock ending that is no longer much of a surprise, though it remains pretty horrifying to watch and so much worse to live through.
The Ford and Carter administrations were unwilling to return to Southeast Asia, and American leftists like Noam Chomsky, convinced that the United States and not the Khmer Rouge was the source of Cambodia's problems, shamefully downplayed the horrifying stories of Cambodians who escaped into Thailand, emphasizing "the extreme unreliability of refugee reports.
Foer's book is horrifying, and terrific, when he describes the way in which the Serbian government cultivated these hooligans, and then used them and their casual, sporadic violence in lieu of a regular army.
It's a shocking and horrifying story because it is a shocking and horrifying story.
AN ex-Marine launched a ``sustained, horrifying assault'' on a man outside a nightclub in Liverpool, breaking his neck.
That's why Washington Post editorialist Anne Applebaum devoted the last six years to writing the fascinating, horrifying Gulag: A History (Doubleday).
I just find it horrifying that after all that has happened, and while Bowyer was refusing to pay his club fine - he has changed his mind since - there were still clubs showing interest in signing him.
The reports findings make horrifying reading as quite clearly the pilot should not have attempted the flight under such conditions," Mr Edmonds said.