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MANURE, Dung. When collected in a heap, it is considered as personal property, but, when spread, it becomes a part of the land and acquires the character of real estate. Alleyn, 31; 2 Ired. R. 326.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Walnut trees were treated with cow dung, horse manure, pigeon manure, duck manure and castor oil cakes at the rate of 8 kg/tree and saw dust at the rate of 10 kg/tree.
Bull and horse manure containing the outbreak strain were identified in a yard near that of the first seven patients; contact tracing revealed plausible person-to-person transmission among all patient households.
The officers of Los Angeles Police Department's bomb squad opened the box, only to find a pile of horse manure inside.
Mr Payton, who has rented the house with his partner Clare Gallagher and their two children for the past three years, said Williams told him "he would continue to pile up the horse manure until I moved out".
"Filming took place over a particularly wet weekend in October which didn't make it any easier for museum staff, who spent many an hour shovelling the huge amounts of horse manure off our cobbled street in time for opening to visitors."
e crew arrived at oad when a container full of horse manure was thrown at Police and re crime investigators were called but there truck, from CardiCentral, did not Police and re crime investigators were called but there truck, from CardiCentral, did not sustain any damage.
The horse manure has, I hope, been keeping the potatoes as warm as they were when "chitting up", that is sprouting, next to the boiler.
WITH reference to Mrs L Young's letter 'High Street in a mess' 26.11.11), she enquired as to what other readers thought with regards to horse manure in the street.
The mystery stench of what was described as horse manure has caused a stink in the Cramlington area for several days this week, with the pong also being reported in North Tyneside, Morpeth and Blyth.
The other equine epics that year included Under My Skin, a load of horse manure based on an Ernest Hemingway short story.
WANDERING THROUGH Darwin Watson's moose camp in the Yukon, I grazed among the amazing range of smells and aromas--the leather, wood smoke, baking bread, frying bacon, horse manure, sweat, spruce trees, freshly chopped wood, cold morning air.