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HORSE. Until a horse has attained the age of four years, he is called a colt. (q.v.) Russ. & Ry. 416. This word is sometimes used as a generic name for all animals of the horse kind. 3 Brev. 9. Vide Colt; Gender; and Yelv. 67, a.

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The fossil of the now extinct animal was found in in Idaho by paleontologists who just published ascientific articledescribing the extinct horseshoe crab.
Horseshoe crabs go back as far as 470 million years, and are still around today.
Waccasassa Bay, Suwannee Sound, Deadman Bay and Horseshoe Cove are good examples.
The author considers interactions between horseshoe crabs and humans, through fieldwork conducted between 2012 and 2016 at urban beaches near New York City, nature preserves in Japan, and marine research sites in Florida, and interviews with conservationists, field biologists, ecologists, and paleontologists.
Sam had spotted Horseshoe early one morning standing on a cliff on the northwest end of Apache Lake.
14 June 2016 - Bermuda-based insurance management and consulting services provider Horseshoe Group has acquired Bermuda-based specialised fund administrator Ikonic Fund Services to form an independent fund administrator and insurance manager dedicated to both the Insurance Linked Securities and the alternative fund markets, the company said.
Recognized internationally for their ERP expertise and strategic management consulting, Blue Horseshoe plans to use RR mAX as leverage to extend and enhance Dynamics AX particularly in food and beverage markets worldwide.
He has organized the horseshoe tournament for eight years now.
Sapp, who had not pitched a "shoe" in almost 20 years until she gave it a try again on Wednesday at one of the mobile home park's two horseshoe pits, was the state association's women's champion four straight years, from 1993 to 1996.
Horseshoe crabs have wandered our earth for 450 million years.
Bilateral nephrectomy in a horseshoe kidney patient is more complicated than in common condition.
We report a previously unreported complication following PCNL for a staghorn calculus in a horseshoe kidney.