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Ego frater Natalis Yuanyes monachus professus Vallis Iesuchristi, ordinis cartusiensis, incepi et perfecti istum Collectanum in domo Scale Dei et illo tunc eram ibi hospes et solvebam pensionem meam, ideo dictus Collectanus est et erit Vallis Iesuchristi (28).
Fernandez worked for Hospes Hotels, a boutique hotel company in Spain, as hotel general ,anager and later as rgional manager, responsible for 10 hotels, six new openings and the project growth of five properties.
In Managing Wicked Problems in Agribusiness: The Role of Multi-Stakeholder Engagements in Value Creation, authors Dentoni, Hospes and Ross provide a characteristic definition of wicked problems stating "wicked problems have cause-effect relationships that are difficult to impossible to define, cannot be framed and solved without creating controversies among stakeholders and require collective action among societal groups with strongly held, conflicting beliefs and values" (2012, p.
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "lord" is traditionally regarded as corresponding to L hospes "host".
Both hote and hospes denote the connective tissue between host and hostage, placing emphasis on mutual dependence between two heterogeneous positions.
The word hospital comes from the Latin hospes, signifying a stranger or foreigner, hence a guest.
The English word "hospitality" derives from the Latin hospes (a host/hostess, a guest-friend), as do hospitality, hospitable, hospital, and hospice.
Matutinus adest ubi Vesper, et accipiens te Saepe recusatum voces intelligit hospes Rusticus ignotas notas, ac flumina tellus Occupat--In sancto tum, tum, stans Aede caveto Tonsuram Hirsuti Capitis, via namque pedestrem Ferrea praeveniens cursum, peregrine, laborem Pro pietate tua inceptum frustratur, amore Antiqui Ritus alto sub Numine Romae.
Igual que su hijo esta registrado que fue "Wollenkremer tandem: antea enim fuit hospes im Kaufthaus".
Hospes, por su parte, afirma que los bajos tipos de interes crean una demanda artificial entre los mas acomodados.
Hospice: a guesthouse for travellers, from French and Latin roots hospitium, hospes (a stranger treated as a guest).