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I love Azerbaijan very much, because we have always been welcomed here very hospitably by absolutely wonderful people.
For two months they went often to church and helped the poor, till, one day, the wife of the rich man, who had met with losses lately, called for them and was hospitably received.
We were cordially received and hospitably entertained by Mr.
Lord Barry Jones said: "We were welcomed most hospitably by this go-ahead, innovative, family firm.
In order to co-exist peacefully, hospitably and productively across the public squares of our nation, we must share one public moral and ethical American code represented by our Constitution and laws--and certainly cause each other no harm based on our personal religious beliefs and practices.
They are fluent in Spanish, aware of the world's finest medical techniques and most importantly are filed love they have learned from the economically poor but hospitably rich nation in the world to serve their people, families and the country through to the new heights of love for humanity.
'We have therefore been constrained to believe that Mr Mansur is a component unit of the perceived conspiracy against the good and hospitably peace-loving people of Benue State.'
According to an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Shaikh Abdullah was warmly welcomed and accorded with hospitably in the country after he requested to come to the UAE due to restrictions practiced against him by the Qatari government.
One incident described how a "brute in man's form," while passing through a Mennonite village, "beat the owners of the house at which he had been most hospitably treated, not only the male portion but ill-used the women also." (57) The story went on to explain that there should be increased law enforcement at the American border, because "these very peaceful citizens" were being targeted by criminals heading towards the border.
The fragment she hospitably contemplates at length, from Barthes's 1971 Sade, Fourier, Loyola, is this: "If I were a writer, and dead, how I would love it if my life...
After their shipwreck on the island, it is the natives who "showed us unusual kindness" (28:2) and who "entertained us hospitably for three days" (28:7b), and there is actually no verbal proclamation of the gospel recorded in the account.
Moreover, neither Muslims nor Christians readily agree to reside hospitably with others - let alone even tolerate a dissenting minority.