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Impact of hospital volume on operative mortality for major cancer surgery.
For a number of years, especially in the period we examine, the volume-outcome relationship in hospitals was publicized in press accounts of research, and information on hospital volume became more widely available to consumers.
Hospital volume was categorized according to total annual number of Connecticut resident bed-days in 2009 as reported to the Connecticut Office of Health Care Access.
Improved perks also have a significant effect on hospital volume.
The results are consistent with those of studies that indicate rural location and hospital volume are associated with outcomes in patients hospitalized for cardiovascular-related illnesses, reported Dr.
Impact: The shift toward bundled payments encourages providers to establish integrated delivery networks that focus on primary care and wellness, a shift that could potentially lower hospital volume.
After adjusting for demographic, patient and surgical characteristics as well as hospital volume, the odds of early postoperative death increased considerably with each advance in age category.
In contrast, hospital volume exerted no effect on complication rates.
How does surgeon and hospital volume affect patient outcome after a traumatic injury?
In response to (ii), we include additional hospital measures, including controls for teaching hospitals and hospital volume, and find our results to be substantially unchanged.
Clearly, when you look at hospital volume as a predictor of outcome, it significantly impacts quality of care, as well as, in some instances, survival" Dr.

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