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And therefore Marie came seeking hospitality from the guest of the good abbe and not from the good abbe himself.
It is not for any such reason that I shall treat you kindly, but only out of respect for Jove the god of hospitality, as fearing him and pitying you.
And a pretty figure I should cut then," replied Eumaeus, "both now and hereafter, if I were to kill you after receiving you into my hut and showing you hospitality.
It is needless to say how vigorously they acquitted themselves on this occasion, and how unnecessary it was for their hosts to practice the usual cramming principle of Indian hospitality.
He thanked Ozma for her hospitality and wished her many happy returns of the day.
With those words, he walks out of the room as quietly as he walked into it, and leaves his two guests to meditate gratefully on Shetland hospitality.
Finally (although other reasons could be added), Christians on campus need to rediscover and renew their heritage of hospitality, because hospitality as a public act is different from students' common understanding of hospitality as intimacy, which actually excludes the stranger instead of welcoming.
The hospitality industry was dealt two knockout punches in the form of recession and terrorist activity; however, the market was not down for the count," commented Robert B.
During the past two decades, private providers and hotel companies headed into the retirement facilities market and, influenced by the hospitality sector, upped the ante on design and marketability.
A key virtue for the academy is hospitality -- the extension of self in order to welcome the other by sharing and receiving intellectual resources and insights.

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