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Two or three times to-day I have had the word 'hospitality' pushed down my throat; this is not fair.
Marie Michon, who made the most charming cavalier in the world, pushed open the door, put her head in and asked for hospitality. `Willingly, my young cavalier,' said the priest, `if you will be content with the remains of my supper and with half my chamber.'
A cavalier, charged with an important mission, had come an hour before your arrival, seeking hospitality, at the very moment that the cure, summoned to the bedside of a dying person, left not only his house but the village, for the entire night.
``Tush, tell not me, fellow,'' said the military rider; ``'tis easy for them to arise and supply the wants of travellers such as we are, who will not stoop to beg the hospitality which we have a right to command.''
"There it was that I heard news of Ulysses, for the king told me he had entertained him, and shown him much hospitality while he was on his homeward journey.
It is not for any such reason that I shall treat you kindly, but only out of respect for Jove the god of hospitality, as fearing him and pitying you."
"And a pretty figure I should cut then," replied Eumaeus, "both now and hereafter, if I were to kill you after receiving you into my hut and showing you hospitality. I should have to say my prayers in good earnest if I did; but it is just supper time and I hope my men will come in directly, that we may cook something savoury for supper."
It is needless to say how vigorously they acquitted themselves on this occasion, and how unnecessary it was for their hosts to practice the usual cramming principle of Indian hospitality.
He thanked Ozma for her hospitality and wished her many happy returns of the day.
With those words, he walks out of the room as quietly as he walked into it, and leaves his two guests to meditate gratefully on Shetland hospitality. We both wonder what those last mysterious words of our host mean; and we exchange more or less ingenious guesses on the subject of that nameless "other person" who may possibly attend on me--until the arrival of dinner turns our thoughts into a new course.
Since Stena Line initially achieved the Hospitality Assured standard in 2000 one of its five Irish Sea routes has been audited against the standard's criteria in order to retain the annually re-assessed standard.
When I received this book and the invitation to review it, I was immediately struck by the title: Untamed Hospitality: Welcoming God and Other Strangers.

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