hospitalized person

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Severe influenza was defined as any case confirmed by reverse transcription PCR in a hospitalized person.
On some occasions, the hospitalized person was critically or terminally ill.
On 8 May 2001, the Macon County Health Department in central Illinois was notified of a hospitalized person with respiratory symptoms who was employed at a landfill in Macon County.
The remaining hospitalized person does not appear to have life-threatening injuries.
In late 1998, active disease caused by the same strain was diagnosed in a nurse who had cared for two hospitalized persons (cluster case-patients), a nonhomeless Maryland resident in 1997 and a homeless Washington, D.
n] - Rule-out rate of uninfected hospitalized persons at time n.
After consent of local authorities and participants, we collected 745 human blood samples in 1995 in 17 medicosocial structures (homes for elderly persons, veterans of the Russian army, hospitalized persons, blood donors) located near Lake Baikal and originating from Ulan Ude (344), Ust Orda (216), and Chita (185), Siberia, Russia (additional data can be obtained directly from the authors).
Hospitalized persons without HIV/AIDS were less likely to be male (p = 0.
The reported cases therefore may not be representative of all hospitalized persons with pandemic (H1N1) 2009 in Kenya.
1) the provision of services by the Contractor to the Employer in terms of daily production of meals for patients Employer in amounts resulting from the actual number of hospitalized persons with regard to dietary recommendations,
FluSurv-NET data have also been used to evaluate prescription of antiviral medication for hospitalized persons in the United States (17,18).
These preventive approaches provide evidence-based models to improve processes of care for older hospitalized persons.