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IRISH hostels have come out tops in a worldwide poll of more than 3,000 hostels worldwide.
New South Wales state planning minister Andrew Refshauge said the local council responsible for the suburb next to Bondi Beach has reported 70 illegal hostels.
runs a network of more than 120 hostels in 34 states and the District of Columbia and is part of the Hostelling International network of nearly 4,500 hostels worldwide.
A key to this are Australian policies aimed at narrowing the distinction between nursing homes, which developed as part of the country's medical system, and hostels, which developed out of government housing programs.
John Walsh Heron, who monitors hostels for the tourist board said: "This is the best hostelwe've ever seen.
The study, Old and Homeless: A Review and Survey of Older Adults Who Use Shelters in an Urban Setting, which was conducted by Vicky Stergiopoulos, notes that although seniors account for only two per cent of the homeless using hostels in Toronto their numbers are growing and they tend to stay in the system longer while their exit to stable housing has been lower than expected.
I ALWAYS THOUGHT it was weird that they called those flophouses for young backpackers hostels.
Euro Hostel opened its first site in 2000 and now operates hostels in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle.
A REPAIRS bombshell is forcing two Midland youth hostels to close.
You don't have to be a member of a hostel association to stay in most hostels (although membership makes it easier to get reservations in popular hostels and often gives you lower rates).
ISLAMABAD -- Majority of the youth belonging to different cities studying in educational institutions of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have to opt for expensive private hostels due to shortage of comparatively cheaper accommodation facilities by the government.
Hillsdale Hostels are a fresh reminder of the enduring virtues of Western civilization, free of the trends and ideologies that dominate so many other campuses today," said Peggy Youngs, director of the Hillsdale Hostel and Freedom Forum programs.