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sajandi lopukumnendeil ja kas see paiknes sel ajal samuti kooriruumis, pole teada, ent viimane on siiski usutav, sest Euroopa andmestik toendab, et puhitsetud hostia auks ning selle eksponeerimiseks rajati altar just kooriruumi.
The movements include Requiem, Kyrie, Dies Irae, Quid Sum Miser, Rex Tremenclae, Quaerens Me, Lacrymosa, Offertoire, Hostia, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei, Libera Me, and In Paradisum.
Don Honorato accede al casamiento de su sobrino con la hija de Raimundo siempre y cuando este no le conceda dote alguna a su hija: "Pues bien, muchacho, consiento en darte gusto; pero con una condicion, y es esta: don Raimundo me ha de jurar ante la Hostia consagrada que no regalara un ochavo a su hija ni le dejara un real en la herencia" (Palma 634).
Emilio Ros-Fabregas presents important documentary and historical evidence about the anonymous motet Hostia solemnis, associated with celebrations of the Barcelona martyr St.
3) Par la, on saisit le sens des termes techniques hostia f.
This one deceives her husband with her eyes And this one with a thousand proper lies; Hostia, such is her regard for me, Deceives me not at all but lets me see The queer bites on her voluptuous thighs.
While alive, Hostia had seemed less a woman of flesh and blood than a memory incarnate.
Deriving from the same root, hostio, meaning to strike, transmutes to hostia which literally means the thing struck, and refers to an animal slain in sacrifice or a victim.
In O vera digna hostia (2003) the idiom doesn't quite settle, but ambiguities elsewhere (including a curiously energetic take on a Hilde-gard of Bingen text "the dove peered in" in Columba aspexit (2000) are intriguing rather than unsettling, and the only real puzzle is the recurring harsh, high writing for women's voices at sustained phrase-ends.
I remember our pastor walking the host slowly around the church, blessing the congregation, while my classmates and I sang O Salutaris Hostia, dutifully stumbling through the intricate Latin.
Dying from internal bleeding after a miscarriage, Hostia is quietly passing away while the invented Hostia, the object of love in Propertius' collection of love poetry, will live on.
Trilogia della morte di Pier Paolo Pasolini), segnala l'equazione tra il toponimo Ostia e il termine latino di hostia nel suo valore di vittima sacrificale (senza pero indicare che la radice etimologica della cittadina laziale sia in realta quella di ostium, nel significato di porta o foce, in tal caso evidentemente del Tevere).