hostile criticism

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His coming, however, had been a certain comfort to us, since it assured us that we should not have to dread hostile criticism as to any of our acts.
The women resented the discovery that Isabel was--personally speaking, at least--beyond the reach of hostile criticism.
At length she plunged into an energetic and hostile criticism of railways, and glared at the prince defiantly.
Pierre; or, the Ambiguities' (1852) was published, and there ensued a long series of hostile criticisms, ending with a severe, though impartial, article by Fitz-James O'Brien in Putnam's Monthly.
From the very first, however, much hostile criticism was directed at the provision of this official scheme, which only allows one ounce of tea per head per week and there is a growing discontent with this part of the scheme.
She understood that hostile criticism of No voters was getting the Yes movement nowhere.
Mr Corbyn - who won the leadership by a landslide but is attracting increasingly hostile criticism from Labour MPs - will make clear his determination to take more control of policy-making and will insist he can lead the party to power in 2020.
The author makes use of postmodernist theory, and shares some of feminist critical theory's core values (interest in Marxism, suspicion of maleness, focus on hostile criticism of others).
Instead of championing what had been achieved, and perhaps more crucially, how it had been done, there was fairly hostile criticism at the failure to see it out.
In the absence of such consensus, Turkey will be exposed to the kind of hostile criticism coming from Russia.
The announcement prompted hostile criticism on the department's Facebook page and on CopBlock, a website with the motto "Badges don't grant extra rights.
Hostile criticism and unfair targeting of Sri Lanka by Canada only serves to further strengthen the evil forces working against Sri Lanka and does not contribute in any manner to the ongoing rebuilding and reconciliation process in the multi-cultural society of the country.