hostile demonstration

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At first the officers held off as though fearing a hostile demonstration, but when they saw the whites among the throng, a command was given to pull in, and a moment later one of the officers stepped ashore.
Nothing occurred during the night to disturb the slumberers, although occasional growls front panthers and chatterings of monkeys broke the silence; the more formidable beasts made no cries or hostile demonstration against the occupants of the bungalow.
The savages approached us, not running, but making hostile demonstrations. Stones and arrows fell thickly.
I could easily have knocked down this native, who was within a short length; but I thought that it was better to wait for real hostile demonstrations. Between Europeans and savages, it is proper for the Europeans to parry sharply, not to attack.
These hostile demonstrations, however, had no effect upon Barbicane and his companions.
But now they stood back to back, facing, in wide-eyed amazement, the very evidently hostile demonstrations of a common enemy.
He was mistaken for von Reuter, and in an incredibly short space of time several hundreds of people assembled in the street and made a hostile demonstration when the stranger left the bank.
"He (the secretary-general) has repeatedly called on all concerned to exercise restraint and to solve issues peacefully." Today'as hostile demonstration led the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad to summon a senior Indian diplomat to demand security of Pakistani diplomatic mission in New Delhi.
Though the sheikh fled and the Italian consul urged Gerbi to leave, he finished his ritual amidst a hostile demonstration that his service to the new Libya had meant nothing in the face of deep-seated Arab intolerance.
Part two slows to a crawl (as is often the case in four-hour minis) after a graphically staged reenactment of a hostile demonstration against a Wallace speech at Harvard.
In Moscow, at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, when the State Department feared a hostile demonstration, the company received instead a prolonged ovation (Balanchine had to come out on stage and ask the audience to go home).
1980 - Diplomatic officials close the British Embassy in Iran because of hostile demonstrations.