hostile encounter

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Dejan Lovren, Nathaniel Clyne, Adam Lallana and former Reds striker Rickie Lambert all joined Liverpool from Saints and Klopp, who lost numerous players to Bayern Munich during his time with Borussia Dortmund, is braced for a hostile encounter.
In the latest hostile encounter between the two, Chinese coastguard ships this month blocked two Filipino-flagged vessels headed for Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratly group, around 200 kilometres (125 miles) from the western Philippine island of Palawan.
Crew planned two days filming at Graham Park in Colindale, north London, but cut the stint short after the hostile encounter on Monday.
Even so, the failure to disclose a hostile encounter with Iran's military at a time of increased international tensions over the disputed Iranian nuclear program--and five days before the US presidential election--raises questions for the Obama administration.
The hostile encounter of the future is similar to one today.
Liverpool didn't play so well in the second half, although there was no doubting their character as they got back into the game and played their part in an increasingly hostile encounter.
Bush actually benefitted more from the hostile encounter than he would have fielding the typical powder-puff questions lobbed up by supporters.
It can make an otherwise hostile encounter a nonviolent event.
Because he cannot credibly attribute his noncompliance to forgetfulness, says Baxter, "a motorcyclist who doesn't wear a helmet is a direct affront to the enforcement community," which makes a stop even likelier and raises the potential for a hostile encounter.
When Dave unexpectedly gets served with divorce papers, he storms Lily's office in a hostile encounter that ends with sex.
This instruction gives officers the essential framework on which to base future actions in the event of a hostile encounter.
The quick peek should be reserved for when you wish to look around a corner before proceeding around it and have no reason to suspect a hostile encounter.