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Librarians have sued the Minneapolis Public Library for failing to correct a hostile work environment.
Under the current standards, however, the line between quid pro quo harassment claims and hostile work environment claims blurs.
Wal-Mart appealed the decision, claiming that Guiliani could not bring the lawsuit because a contractor cannot sue a business for a hostile work environment.
Under the new tangible employment action doctrine, the lower courts are still applying the substantive (non-liability) elements of the old quid pro quo and hostile work environment doctrines in order to determine whether discrimination has taken place.
The Court found that the supervisors' behavior created a hostile work environment and that the supervisors had almost limitless authority over their employees.
Courts generally look to the "totality of the circumstances" to determine if the conduct is so severe or pervasive that it creates a hostile work environment.
A district court granted SuperValu's motion for summary judgment, finding that the acts the plaintiffs described were disgraceful but didn't constitute a hostile work environment.
The jury ordered the UO itself to pay Rogers $132,333 in damages for subjecting her to a hostile work environment because of her race.
The lawsuit included portions of a complaint filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination alleging sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.
Claims of harassment and a hostile work environment have more than doubled against Los Angeles city government in the past three years, records show.
After complaining to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, six faculty members sued the district and its officials for allegedly creating a hostile work environment and violating their civil rights.
Female correctional officers brought an action against a county and personnel of a county department of corrections, alleging hostile work environment claims and state law claims.