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In his column, headlined "Out and Proud," Gray decried professional sports as the last bastion of tacit and sometimes hostilely overt homophobia.
On the other hand, because the Ammonites and Moabites had acted hostilely against the Israelites, he did not want them to ever be received into the fellowship and membership of the community, as a curse for their earlier affront.
hostilely analyzing the text, I can smirk at anything it puts forward, or I can discover characters or personae in the text who can be interpreted as doing so to others who represent the "establishment," and thus through my interpretation, I can conquer or appropriate the text, away from the author--who is a mere construct anyway.
Scores on the STAXI trait anger subscales reflect stable personality characteristics, specifically tendencies to respond hostilely to an unfair evaluation or to interpret a situation as threatening.
He relates how the movie was greeted hostilely by preview audiences, so the studio recut it.
You might think, then, that there was little further a person might go in his attempts to possess his mail as immediately as possible upon achieving verticality; however, I found certain other refinements possible, chiefly in regard to the speed of my flight from chamber to lobby, and, in this spirit, began to take the stairs, not the elevator, which is too maddeningly, almost hostilely unhurried (and who can bear to stand still that long at any time of day, perhaps shoulder-to-shoulder with some nameless downstairs neighbor, locked into embarrassing silences, inane pleasantries, protracted counterfeit smiles?
Rigby demonstrates what might be termed a crisis of masculinity in medieval letters, in that he reacts hostilely to any 'feminist' approach in Chaucer, or indeed, to any approach that does not validate his own as a male social historian.
Recent decades have seen London doubly ravaged, by the new architecture, often of the most hostilely Corbusian variety, and by the automobile.
Feeling herself exoticized, she declines to respond to that experience as hostilely as she might, perhaps because the success of this autobiography with a white audience depends on an exotic representation of herself.
We believe that the government has made contact and that they are acting belligerently and hostilely towards other intelligencies.
From the first he had been suspicious of the Crown Prince marrying 'die Englanderin', as she was hostilely regarded in Germany.
One troubling aspect of this memoir is the repeated evidence of the incompatibility between democratic practice and sound diplomacy whenever the two parties regard one another hostilely.