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Also, the rebel umbrella Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) declared a six-month cessation of hostilities and expressed readiness to negotiate the details of this truce with the government.
UNRWA remains greatly alarmed that sustained hostilities continue to inflict unimaginable suffering to the 18,000 Palestinian and Syrian men, women and children trapped in Yarmouk, who survive under constant threat of armed violence, and remain unable to safely access water, food and basic healthcare.
Massen added in a speech during the annual conference of the European police agencies, held in Berlin that "the number of terrorists returning to his country after participating in hostilities in Syria and Iraq has risen to two hundred people," noting that "70 people from terrorists accused of participating in the hostilities with the ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
People across the region Urges both the PMs to end hostilities
Now both parties have signed the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement Implementation Matrix on the 9th November 2014," Mesfin said.
Currently there is a ceasefire in place and the government continues to urge both sides to respect this and to secure a lasting end to hostilities through the negotiations taking place in Cairo.
The new court system and laws should be specifically designed to address non-citizen enemies of state who do not fight in the uniform or under the flag of a legitimate country and who are captured during hostilities where evidence is gathered during battlefield conditions.
The 20 papers presented in this work explore these and other challenges to the definition, investigation, and adjudication of war crimes violating the rules on the conduct of hostilities.
15 ( ANI ): Pakistan has surpassed 198 countries to occupy the top spot in a list of countries suffering the most from social hostilities involving religion, the Pew Research Center's report showed.
WASHINGTON, Jan 10 (KUNA) -- The US stressed here Thursday that the crisis in South Sudan must be ended "swiftly", calling on rebel leader Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir to "immediately" sign cessation of hostilities agreement.
The Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan today announced about disclosure of the underground network recruiting mercenaries for Syria hostilities on the territory of Batken region.
NNA - The spokesman of the UNIFIL, Andrea Tenenti, said on Sunday that the main point of UN Resolution 1701 was the cessation of hostilities, noting that both parties were responsible to comply with this.