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In a presidential statement on Wednesday 28 January, the Security Council demanded the non-signatory armed movements refrain from impeding the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur and called for the signing of cessation of hostilities and humanitarian assistance agreements within the framework of the Roadmap agreement.
He reminded all Yemeni parties that the terms of cessation of hostilities include an obligation to allow free and unhindered access for humanitarian supplies and personnel to all parts of Yemen, in addition to a full and comprehensive halt to military activities of any kind.
It is clear that violence has increased in the past month and is nearing pre-cessation of hostilities levels.
After all hostilities stop, the two warring parties swap prisoners and dead bodies via as well as open and securing roads as soon as possible.
The members of the Security Council expressed their strong support for the Special Envoy and his tireless efforts in support of the cessation of hostilities and renewed talks.
In this regard, and in furtherance of the February 11th decisions of the ISSG, the United States and Russia, as co-chairs of the ISSG and ISSG Ceasefire Task Force, announce the adoption on February 22, 2016, of the Terms for a Cessation of Hostilities in Syria attached as an Annex to this statement, and propose that the cessation of hostilities commence at 00:00 (Damascus time) on February 27, 2016.
146) Its formulation of "[d]etention under the law of war without trial until the end of the hostilities authorized by the Authorization for Use of Military Force" provides no safeguards against indefinite detention: it is by no means clear which military operations against which actor the AUMF 2001 authorizes, and not all of those military operations are necessarily governed by IHL.
2) The Social Hostilities Index (SHI), which measures acts of religious hostility by private individuals, organisations or groups in society.
NNA - The spokesman of the UNIFIL, Andrea Tenenti, said on Sunday that the main point of UN Resolution 1701 was the cessation of hostilities, noting that both parties were responsible to comply with this.
Armed Forces into potential hostilities, sometimes without a specific authorization from Congress.
The International Committee of the Red Cross's ('ICRC') 'Interpretative Guidance on the Notion of Direct Participation in Hostilities under International Humanitarian Law', published in June 2009, undertakes such an analysis.