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HOSTILITY. A state of open enmity; open war. Wolff, Dr. de la Rat. Sec. 1191. Hostility, as it regards individuals, may be permanent or temporary; it is permanent when the individual is a citizen or subject of the government at war, and temporary when he happens to be domiciliated or resident in the country of one of the belligerents; in this latter case the individual may throw off the national character he has thus acquired by residence, when he puts himself in motion, bona fide, to quit the country sine animo revertendi. 3 Rob. Adm. Rep. 12; 3 Wheat. R. 14.
     2. There may be a hostile character merely as to commercial purposes, and hostility may attach only to the person as a temporary enemy, or it may attach only to the property of a particular description. This hostile character in a commercial view, or one limited to certain intents and purposes only, will attach in, consequence of having possessions in the territory of the enemy, or by maintaining a commercial establishment there, or by a personal residence, or, by particular modes of traffic, as by sailing under the enemy's flag of passport. 9 Cranch, 191 5 Rob. Adm. Rep. 21, 161; 1 Kent Com. 73; Wesk. on Ins. h.t.; Chit. Law of Nat. Index, h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In addition, 65 militant groups agreed to stop fighting and to join the cessation of hostilities agreement that came into force at midnight of 30 December 2016 in line with the truce agreement achieved in an effort to find a complex solution to the conflict in Syria.
Ould Cheikh Ahmed welcomed the restoration of the cessation of hostilities, "which will spare the Yemeni people further bloodshed and will allow for the expanded delivery of humanitarian assistance," and he called on all Yemeni parties, the region and the international community to encourage full respect for the cessation of hostilities and to ensure that it leads to a permanent and lasting end to the conflict.
The US Ambassador said "the limited progress we have made together this year is imperiled by the actions of a regime that seems intent on ignoring the cessation of hostilities and often ignoring desperate appeals for humanitarian access.
After all hostilities stop, the two warring parties swap prisoners and dead bodies via as well as open and securing roads as soon as possible.
In this regard, and in furtherance of the February 11th decisions of the ISSG, the United States and Russia, as co-chairs of the ISSG and ISSG Ceasefire Task Force, announce the adoption on February 22, 2016, of the Terms for a Cessation of Hostilities in Syria attached as an Annex to this statement, and propose that the cessation of hostilities commence at 00:00 (Damascus time) on February 27, 2016.
(146) Its formulation of "[d]etention under the law of war without trial until the end of the hostilities authorized by the Authorization for Use of Military Force" provides no safeguards against indefinite detention: it is by no means clear which military operations against which actor the AUMF 2001 authorizes, and not all of those military operations are necessarily governed by IHL.
The authors assert that, in its extreme form, religious particularism -- commitment to the belief that "there is only one true faith" -- can lead to hostilities spurred by uncivil dicta, such as this one from Saudi Arabia: "Be dissociated from the infidels, hate them for their religion always oppose them in every way according to Islamic law." In this light, the authors conclude that "any attempt to reduce religious hostilities by revealing them to be based on false, negative beliefs would be absurd, and increased contact might well result in increased hostility." Instead, Stark and Corcoran argue for replication of the American example of religious civility, although they acknowledge that the American experiment may not be exportable.
15 ( ANI ): Pakistan has surpassed 198 countries to occupy the top spot in a list of countries suffering the most from social hostilities involving religion, the Pew Research Center's report showed.
A report placed Pakistan at the top of a list of 198 countries most suffering from social hostilities involving religion, by the end of 2012.
NNA - The spokesman of the UNIFIL, Andrea Tenenti, said on Sunday that the main point of UN Resolution 1701 was the cessation of hostilities, noting that both parties were responsible to comply with this.
"The essence of warfare is 'the attack.'" (1) Today, however, "the legal norms regarding attacks are increasingly revealing themselves to be less than fully settled." (2) A particularly contentious case in point concerns the legal norms applicable to lethally attacking (i.e., lethally targeting) civilians who directly participate in hostilities. (3)