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Improved functions of Hyper-V hot backup can serve well for any purposes and goals where virtual machines used for different types of tasks, especially in business, real-time management and scientific computing systems.
New features such as read-free replication, multi-directories hot backup, and increased use of bulk fetch overcome existing MySQL limitations by delivering faster, more scalable big data processing capabilities.
The Arkeia hot backup plug-in is compatible with versions of MySQL starting from 3.
Therefore, if CCF had a failure on Wednesday they would begin restoring the cold backup and then Monday's hot backup, and then Tuesday's hot backup.
In a hot backup system, the company has two computers equipped with all of its security software.
Arkeia's MS SQL hot backup plug-in takes full advantage of embedded capabilities in Microsoft SQL Server backup-and-restore functions.
Since many applications must perform with zero downtime, a hot backup must be used.
Provides hot backup solutions for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and OpenLDAP open source applications Offers an open source reader for Arkeia's backup format so customers will always have the freedom to restore data, whether from disk or tape, protected with Arkeia Network Backup Software.
In addition, downtime for maintenance went from over two hours each day to zero because of the solution's hot backup, failover and automated recovery features.
Arkeia hot backup plug-in includes numerous Linux distributions on Intel x86, Itanium 2, Sparc, PowerPC and Alpha architectures as well as Windows, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX on PA-RISC, Tru64, Irix, Mac OS X and xBSDs.
Arkeia's Windows client also performs hot backup of Windows registries, active directories, certificates and event logs.
In addition the new version will offer additional plug-ins to provide hot backup support for a range of databases including IBM DB2, Informix for Solaris/Tru64 and Sybase for Windows NT.