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Calculate the average percentage of water in each kind of hot dog.
I think I have room for another 20 hot dogs,' Kobayashi said after the champion's belt was resting on his narrow shoulders and fans were shouting, 'Show us your belly
As for the ideal hot dog, the "Singing Hot Dog Man" has a definite preference, and it's something he can happily eat anytime.
The transition to a big time hot dog dealer has its challenges.
Pink's was where Demi Moore and Bruce Willis became engaged and where Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn drop in for a 2am hot dog.
on a Saturday, Clark, who lives in Compton, California, loaded her two-door yellow Volkswagen with bags of buns, cases of canned sodas, packs of hot dogs, a freezer chest of ice, and containers of mustard, ketchup and relish.
Yet even the frankfurter link did not become large until consumption exceeded 12 hot dogs per month.
Which, of course, forces any adult hot dog lover to follow suit.
The entire team at Hot Dog on a Stick is excited to finally have a presence at this location and to bring our friendly service and delicious, made-to-order menu items to local shoppers and visitors," said Laurie Sonia, executive vice president.
Users were upset when they realized the hot dog was missing, one even resorted to improvising their own drawing of the hot dog.
The Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest has been a city tradition for 97 years.
No one really knows exactly how long George's Hot Dog Stand in Fitchburg has been around, but owner Joann Sisoian Carroll says that she has 90-year-old customers who remember George and exactly the way George used to make his hot dogs when they were youngsters.