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It certainly makes business sense to know which files are essentially Hot Files and to optimize the storage infrastructure to maximize access to those critical files," said Robert David, CEO and President, Imperial Technology.
Speaking on Wednesday at the closure of the National Constitutional Conference of the Department of Offices and Public Enterprises, Abbassi said that the year 2017 will be busy and will be marked by the opening of several delicate and hot files requiring bold and energetic decisions in order to save many public enterprises already in difficulty, calling on trade unionists and workers to show reason and to prevail the Higher interests of the country
NNA - House Speaker Nabih Berri met on Friday at his Ayn Teeneh residence with Deputy PM and Minister of Defence, Samir Mokbel, with discussions focusing on various hot files.
It explained that this Council since its formation has held a series of important meetings to discuss a range of hot files with close link to the concerns of citizens, and the most important one is the housing file, indicating that the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques stressed before the creation of the Council the eligibility of citizens in securing appropriate and decent houses for them.