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Using the hot stage under the microscope, the temperature is decreased from the melting temperature to 145[degrees]C, and then is kept constant until the crystallization is completed.
In this paper, the investigation of the morphology development of melt-grown crystal lamellae of polycaprolactone by real-time hot stage AFM is reported.
However the first rinse tank after a hot stage has an accelerated bacterial growth as it is now warm.
The polarized light microscopy (PLM) pictures of all samples were obtained by the polarized light optical microscope Zeiss Axioskop-2 with total magnification of 100 x (10 x objective and 10 x eyepiece), equipped with a hot stage Mettler FP 80.
Not that the 43-year-old Kent-born actor hasn't had the kind of regular and varied theatre career that would have most other thesps green with envy - it's just that the idea of jumping about in a tiger suit under hot stage lights for an hour each night in such temperatures would make most people want to weep.
Under the hot stage lights, Taylor's aura melted - and he may be right.
The copper is the most important part for the flavour in the hot stage of the process.
At a packed out Globe, the boys sweated pints into their leisurewear on a punishingly hot stage with the kind of maximum-energy performance that would make the GLC workout video well worth buying.
He said Morocco's banks and financial institutions were experiencing a "hot stage" of credits to business and consumers.
A small coupon is painted and placed on a microscope hot stage or a precision hot plate.
In addition, this furnace hot stage must have a high maximum temperature limit, fast heating and cooling rates, and should enable a sample to be maintained under a vacuum or inert or reactive cover gas environment during real time video microscopic imaging of the dynamic heating/cooling thermal cycling.