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The DFDS Jumpin' Hot Stage closed with a raw (in the best sense) blues trio, Moreland & Arbuckle, with harmonica, cigar box guitar/electric guitar and drums.
A list of acts take to the DFDS Seaways Jumpin' Hot Stage on both Friday and Saturday, entertaining crowds outside Sage Gateshead, with performances from the likes of King Size Voodoo Traveller, John Lewis Trio, Hillfolk Noir, Caroline Mary, Gilded Thieves and Michael Littlefield.
The samples were sandwiched between microscope cover slips, melted at 200[degrees]C for 5 min in a separate hot stage, and then rapidly moved to another hot stage which was equipped with the microscope and which was set to the crystallization temperature (130[degrees]C).
The sealed samples were heated on the hot stage from room temperature to 190[degrees]C and held at this temperature for five minutes before quenching to 100, 120, and 140[degrees]C.
The London-based girl band revelling in 60s wham-bam kitsch come over tamer on record than they do in their hot stage show.
Also on hand: a Struers cross-sectioning tool, a full thermal suite (TMA, DSC, TGA), and a hot stage microscope, for simulating and observing (filming) material under reflow conditions.
I recall the first time that I observed such unwanted flow under a microscope as I used a hot stage to simulate a bake.
Large enterprises can use the chassis to monitor live network operations, simulate network traffic conditions, hot stage modifications and additions to the network, and to perform service turn-up testing.
Now Koehler sits in the outdoor courtyard of Westwood's Geffen Playhouse, a sharp, friendly 23-year-old savoring his next move in what's suddenly become a very hot stage career.