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Hot Under the Collar, which contains more than 250 letters (out of 5,000 published by the publication in 50 years), is available at the Anglican Book Centre (416-924-1332 or 1-800-268-1168 in U.S.
To avoid getting too hot under the collar, they want to make sure the timelines and targets Ottawa sets to become compliant with the Kyoto Protocol are realistic and attainable without damaging the local and national economies.
Even perky Katie Couric--dubbed "the affable Eva Braun of morning TV" in Slander--got hot under the collar when interrogating the Coultinator on the Today show.
Further, responding calmly when the other party is hot under the collar can give you an important edge.
Buying a Coke on a hot day next summer might leave vending-machine customers feeling hot under the collar. Not to mention lighter in the wallet.
Xerox Corp's IT supplier Electronic Data Systems got rather hot under the collar when ComputerWire reported that the copier company would be using some CacheFlow Inc devices to boost the speed of its intranet and web services at the expense of Sun proxy servers (CI No 3,570).
And if you're still not convinced of the possibilities, there's the story of Fairhaven Retirement Center, of Birmingham, AL, and an HVAC system that had a good many residents hot under the collar. A sizable structure incorporating independent living apartments, assisted living units and a skilled nursing facility, it often required heating on one side and cooling on the other -- a difficult challenge for any HVAC system, and impossible for the one that they had.
On the other hand, if one is a cash-on-the-barrelhead customer, a regulator, a concerned citizen, a public interest group member, alomost surely they end up hot under the collar. The voguish parsimony, the penny-pinching can be deadly in the hands of automation.
A week after she gyrated in appreciation of topless hunks Froback, the single mum, 35, was getting hot under the collar about another contestant.
This spin-off sees the Parkers joined by their local MP candidate, Farage, in a wine-fuelled evening, that's sure to leave him rather hot under the collar, thanks to all the questions they have got lined up for him.
THE media have been getting a bit hot under the collar recently about the differing views of Saints chairman Eamonn McManus and Salford owner Marwan Koukash.
LIBRARY bosses have been getting hot under the collar trying to keep up with demand for racy best seller Fifty Shades of Grey.