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If blood glucose levels are consistently higher than expected in the hot weather, it may be that your insulin has been damaged in the sun.
The hot weather will come as a relief for supermarkets, which have struggled to match last summer's performance when blazing sunshine and England's run to the semi-finals of the men's football World Cup helped to boost sales.
While temperatures have been lower than normal this week, it is time to enjoy the last of the relief as they are set to increase over the weekend with a long spell of very hot weather expected next week.
Weather - Courtesy of Pixabay CAIRO -- 16 July 2019: Meteorological experts said a hot weather to prevail on Wednesday, recording highs of 42AC and lows of 31AC in Cairo.
3- Alteration in sweating: In heatstroke brought on by hot weather, your skin will feel hot and dry to the touch.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jun 28 (ANI): A total of 813 matches were played during the League, Super League and Hot Weather tournament, the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) League committee announced on Friday.
Hot weather plans are in place to keep hospital patients cool this weekend as temperatures are set to soar.
save the citizens from acute hot weather and provide them with maximum relief.
Pakistan is often blamed for any and everything bad happens in India without the need of presenting evidence, but all limits were crossed when Indian media outlets pointed the finger at the western neighbour for the fresh spell of hot weather.
RAWALPINDI -- Rain is expected in the Potohar region from today (Monday), after hot weather prevailed for the last two days in the twin cities.
KARACHI -- The Heatwave Early Warning Centre of Pakistan Meteorological Department on Tuesday warned of scorching hot weather in the port city during Eid days.