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Hot-blooded he may be, but he is certainly not one of those "Look at me, am I not magnificent?
No vampires, no leaden plotting, no brain-numbingly baroque prose, just deliciously overheated melodrama about hot-blooded castrati wreaking bi-sexy havoc in 18th-century Italy.
Although this revealed detail which is easily lost in more hot-blooded readings, greater warmth and at times, a richer vocal blend were needed to unleash the full Romantic ardour both of the mass and the four Buckner motets that preceded it, where the delicacy occasionally felt mannered.
So just imagine the conversation that must have taken place at the palace in Norway when mum, Queen Sonja - albeit a former commoner herself - discovered that Crown Prince Haakon had chosen as his bride, not a blue-blooded princess but hot-blooded Mette-Marit Hoiby, 28, who had a child by a convicted cocaine dealer and was at one time a member of the drug-fuelled Oslo club set.
One critic wrote: "Forget Scandinavian cool, Sondergard is hot-blooded.
THESE perky musicians would pull the strings of every hot-blooded man's heart with these saucy photos from a charity calendar.
He is a hot-blooded guy and the thought of his wife going out on a date with anyone is bad enough.
Some would have us believe that all hot-blooded men and women think of sex almost hourly, and that those in a relationship will have sex almost nightly.
Calum is a hot-blooded male and he just feels it's hard enough seeing Lindsay at the best of times, but he is never going to see her now.
Best of all is Lex Sharpnel as a hot-headed, hot-blooded Hotspur who is the complete opposite of all Hal represents.
In his early days, the Caped Crusader seriously considered committing hot-blooded murder.