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When hot-headed young foot-soldier DArtagnan arrives in Paris with dreams of becoming a famed musketeer like his idols Athos (Matthew MacFadyen), Aamis (Luke Evans), and Porthos (Ray Stevenson), he is dismayed to find them shadows of their former selves, forced to perform menial labour after being double-crossed in a botched robbery by their beautiful partner in crime, Milady (Milla Jovovich) and ultra-cool Englishman, Buckingham (Orlando Bloom).
You seemed to love playing Paulie, the hot-headed lesbian teen who's determined to win back her girlfriend in Lost and Delirious.
A bevvy of Brit beauties will set temperatures soaring in Portugal today - apparently to keep hot-headed English fans cool.
Onegin kills his close friend, Lensky, in a hot-headed duel, and betrayal of friendship is in the lowest ranks of human behavior.
Hot-headed Gerrard rushing from his penalty area to intercept Nobby Solano's long- ball at Goodison evoked memories of Harald Schumacher's assault on Dominique Rocheteau in the 1982 World Cup.
Farber also loves character actors, and much of his best writing is devoted to supporting cast members like Gene Evans in Fuller's The Steel Helmet, who "plays the hot-headed [sic] showing off, the endless chewing on a cigar stump with the blast effect of water issuing from a whale's spout, bestial and grotesque as a charm spot in a film dedicated to the U.
Total desperation that won't cut through all the vile hot-headed women's bitchy shouting, which isn't a TV show at all.
ITV, 9pm We always thought Rachel was supposed to be the hot-headed loose cannon most likely to wreck an investigation, but in this series someone else has been challenging her for the title of Syndicate 9's most irresponsible member - Gill Murray.
The hot-headed copper (played by Suranne Jones, above) ducks out of an awards ceremony, scared she'll be seen with Will making people think she's slept her way to the top.
Now the hot-headed Frenchman, who has caused five first-lap crashes, goes to Korea this weekend under a new cloud with Webber calling for him to be hit with another ban.