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After a 3-week waiting period, the second hot-plate test measurements were conducted to check whether hyperalgesia secondary to diabetic neuropathy had developed.
The Hot-plate method is usually employed to assess centrally acting analgesics e.
were measured by the hot-plate and tail-flick tests 24 h after the last morphine injection (day 4).
Hot-plate welding of thermoplastics is a well-established technique (1) for joining extruded, injection-molded parts, and parts manufactured by other techniques.
Currently, most plastic pipes are joined by either hot-plate welding or electrofusion.
Also orbital vibration welding, a friction process that uses constant-velocity orbital motion to weld materials with as as 30-mil part-to-part clearance; hot-plate welding, a direct thermal welding technique suitable for complex, irregular shapes (joint can be curved in all planes); spin welding suitable for circular parts with final orientation within 1[degrees], and thermal welding.
a German-based supplier of laser, hot-plate, and ultrasonic welding equipment, has expanded its North American operations.
Supplies a range of welding systems including hot-plate, vibration, ultrasonic, and laser.
Standard and custom hot-plate, linear vibration and laser welding systems.
The methods were fairly simple and basic: glues, screws, solvents, and hot-plate welding.
A new laser welding system for nylon 12 high-pressure gas pipe is said to offer advantages of virtually instant welding in contrast to slower electromagnetic, hot-plate, and solvent bonding approaches.
Servo controls for a new hot-plate welder are said to provide twice the speed of pneumatic and hydraulic units.