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Their father is one of the pharaoh's chief advisors, and he gets his lovely, willful, egotistical daughter married off to the crown prince, Ahmunhotep, a stubborn, hot-tempered, unstable teen with heretical religious ideas.
Hot-tempered birds are the ones that disperse readily and continue to press on into new territory.
In the Midland Combination, Southam United proved too strong for Massey Ferguson in a hot-tempered 3-1 success to notch up a second win in four days to kick off their Midland Combination, Premier Division season in impressive style.
It is the costume designer's job to reflect a show's era and story and to signal the personality of each character with a signature look-whether it's sexy, demure, vulnerable, or hot-tempered.
Hot-tempered Gladiator star RUSSELL CROWE is holding his breath waiting to be hit by a lawsuit for hurling a telephone at a New York hotel worker.
three bad communication styles under the umbrella of the "BadCom Bucho": the hot-tempered verbal abuser; the clever, sarcastic demotivator; and the silent neglector.
Hot-tempered driver Amanda Short explained yesterday why she "lost it" and caused more than pounds 8,000 damage by slamming her car into a line of parked vehicles.
They will learn much more about this famed Boston Marathon runner, jazz enthusiast, hot-tempered genius and his continual quest for recognition and fame.
But now Forsyth has had a go at the hot-tempered chef.
If hot-tempered, if having affairs, if too cerebral, if--
He and two slacker pals, surfer-dude-ish dim bulb Joey (Kenny Luper) and hot-tempered Nell (Christian Leffler), plot escape from their dead-end small town by robbing the local bingo tournament.