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The commitments plenary' turned into a sort of hotchpotch session that tended to confirm the views of the most sceptical and gave an impression of being unmethodical, ranging from French secondary school pupils making the commitment "not to waste water" to Maria Mutagamba, Uganda's minister for the environment and water, who committed to "recognise that everyone needs water, and now".
With its botched blend of Cons and Libs, it's a hotchpotch of different perspectives, and therefor ecubism in action (or should that be faction?
The region is a hotchpotch of political systems -- a military junta in Myanmar, socialist governments in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, a sultanate in Brunei, democratic governments in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia and to a lesser extent Singapore.
They assume leadership with the aspirations of a whole people fully known to them without having to resort to hotchpotch methods.
Some have based their views on historical factors, describing Iraq as a recent, fragile and "artificial" creation, a hotchpotch of former Ottoman provinces randomly assembled after the First World War, now on the verge of disintegrating.
It is worrying indeed that, by drawing an arbitrary line in the sand, which is determined by individual district health boards in a hotchpotch manner, the EN role is being artificially diminished.
And, indeed, it can at first sight appear a hotchpotch of scenes from different plays (Seneca's Troades, Euripides's Hecuba and Trojan Women), and seem dramatically shapeless, containing, for example, a disproportionate number of messenger speeches about deaths and disasters.
For me the book was a hotchpotch marred by many errors of fact.
Its somewhat hotchpotch nature, inevitable in such enterprises, means it is a source into which readers will dip for information and understanding.
But now, the Forbidden City, its opulence immaculately preserved, is surrounded by a hotchpotch of post-modernist buildings.