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About Hothead Games: Hothead Games is an independent game development studio based in Vancouver, Canada and staffed entirely by industry veterans.
GWABS is a perfect combination of innovative design, satisfying rapid-fire game play, and solid character design that gamers everywhere will love," says Steve Bocska, Joint CEO of Hothead Games.
We've been working hard on Swarm for a while now and think it's our most addictive game yet," said Joel DeYoung, Director of Game Technology for Hothead Games.
Whether running on a touchscreen tablet or iPhone on the 50 yard-line, or a laptop in the Athletics department or central command offices, Hothead Technologies' software interface is intuitive and easy to use.
Bringing the game to PC and Mac was a direct response to the repeated requests by our fans and we are thrilled that DeathSpank has become so popular and such a phenomenon, ensuring that we can fulfill those requests," said Vlad Ceraldi, Director of Game Development at Hothead Games.
He was a bit of a hothead when he was a player but he's a great manager to work for and he has told me that part of a young player's learning curve is to work on your disciplinary record as much as your game.
We took all of the things that people loved about DeathSpank and amped it up a hundred times more," said Vlad Ceraldi, Director of Game Development at Hothead Games.
The home side had Unai dismissed for two bookings while Sevilla lost David Sanchez for a brutal tackle, quickly followed by his hothead gaffer JoaquAEn Caparros who saw red for saying he would kill his player.
The patriarch is in his twilight days, and the empire is currently run by an unreliable hothead who lives ostentatiously, murdering foes on ill-advised whims and retreating to play with his pet tiger when he gets into a snit.
RAGING Raith Rovers boss Jocky Scott blasted Spanish hothead Tejero Quesada for costing his side the tie.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Indie developer Hothead Games will feature their two latest video games at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington from September 3 to 5.
ITALIAN hothead Rino Gattuso wants to end his career in the football hotbed of Argentina.