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Amelia and her hotheaded husband Radcliffe (aka the Father of Curses) travel to Egypt as 1917 begins with their son Ramses, his wife Nefret) and Sennia, the young daughter of Amelia's thoroughly repellent nephew, happily deceased.
AS A hotheaded young lad, I always knew how to stop the rot if ever I was getting a pasting at snooker - I'd simply scatter the balls with a measured swoop of the right arm and send my cue spearing Zulu-like into the nearest wall.
At fifteen or so, he was already well into women's underwear, a lifelong preference that in the short run proved to be a fast one-way ticket out of the house of his sclerotically hotheaded father.
La Traviata'' should be a hot-blooded, and hotheaded, romance that culminates in declarations of ardor, remorse and forgiveness, before death stakes its inevitable claim.