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I have more than a few bad traits, but I don't think hotheadedness is one of them.
To women, and women alone, does Turin concede without coercion his irascibility and hotheadedness.
It was a shame because Moyes's hotheadedness took the shine off what was a classic piece of sporting drama.
But this was no frustrated clamour against injustice, no show of support for the abused or misused, strung-out ones and worse, the evicted, unjustly imprisoned, invaded, bombed or simply hungry, that got out of hand because of hotheadedness.
In Morris's Verona, you can expect ruin not because catastrophe is as tightly planned as a military campaign (Prokofiev) or because the wheel of fortune is turned by the wind (Shakespeare), but because hotheadedness is this people's joy, and close quarters give them the opportunity to indulge it.
He had a reputation for hotheadedness, and doubts about his organisational skills were reflected when it was emphasised that his task would only be to help the PKI.
exhibit the opposite tendency: hotheadedness and impulsiveness.
Especially Mr Davies, who might consider that the hot headedness which sees him making allusions to Mugabe is precisely the same hotheadedness which left him languishing on the backbenches in the first place.
Without wishing to rely on the hotheadedness of others in the wet, Omani racing fans would much rather see the clouds blow over at Oulton Park on May 24.
Hackett's own flaws--his hotheadedness, his political inexperience--will offer his opponents plenty of ammunition.
Dave Busst has warned Jermaine Clarke to curb his hotheadedness so he can continue to play a part in Evesham United's title challenge.
Mexican border towns of the time are accessible to us primarily through the eyes of American newspaper reporters, whose accounts of sport and recreation in Mexico were sporadic and selective and reinforced stereotypes about Mexican traditionalism, hotheadedness, and indolence.