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David B Jones is expected to return from his three-week break in South America and has hotly denied that this was for altitude training specifically for this race.
The Queen has also been nominated for Best Picture, as have Clint Eastwood's war tale Letters From Iwo Jima and the hotly tipped Martin Scorsese gangster film The Departed.
Forest fires--so hotly debated now by the Forest Service and various environmentalists--also have a role in the normal life of a forest.
A hotly contested debate has been burning about whether to continue to include records center compartmentation in the upcoming revision of NFPA 232.
Hotly debated was whether a shareholder in an insolvent S corporation could nevertheless increase his stock basis by the amount of the excluded COD income.
One theory hotly pursued by National MS Society--funded researchers is that MS may be several different but closely related diseases.
They worry that a free market for capital threatens to destabilize the world's weaker economies--a hotly controversial issue since the Asian tigers collapsed in 1997, beginning with a rush to dump Thai bahts.
He also said that Nelson Rockefeller, who he hotly pursued for commissions, has 'the iron fist o f a peasant' -- though not to his face.
5-million-year-old skull found near Kenya's Lake Turkana has scientists hotly debating the place of a fossil called Lucy in the human family tree.
Robert McClory talks to people on both sides of the barricades in parishes that have recently undergone hotly contested renovation projects.
In It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity, 1999, the most hotly colored canvas in the show, a simple black loop, which begins at the base of the canvas and ends close to the middle of its right edge, is placed on an intense red-orange ground.
LONDON -- Lowe Indonesia has been awarded the coveted Garuda Airlines business, following a hotly contested pitch process, led by Amelia Nasution, Garuda Airlines Vice President of Marketing.