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Definition 1: Given a network G and a multicast group g, the hotness of v [member of] G is defined as [h.
A mouthful of chicken and cheese in your favourite level of piri piri hotness in every bite, this is the stuff "signatures" are made of.
I paid a pre-opening visit to the new Downtown Dubai restaurant (it's part of what's becoming a hub of food hotness, sitting next door to the dreamy Le Serre) in December, and I'm still talking about it.
No hotness, this is a wonderful beer, a pleasure to drink," Tess said.
In a press release consisting of four related propositions, McKenzie situated Aicher's theories of color temperature within a wider exploration of hotness and coolness.
Her Royal Hotness, as we're now supposed to call her, graces the cover of no less than three major lifestyle magazines this week, all proclaiming their love (and supposedly the world's obsession) for the eldest Middleton sister.
Former Edinburgh University student Pippa was crowned Her Royal Hotness by fans and a Facebook page in tribute to her bum quickly gathered more than 50,000 fans.
Partial contents: "A Fannish Taxonomy of Hotness," by Francesca Coppa; "A Fannish Field of Value: Online Fan Gift Culture," by Karen Hellekson; "Should Fan Fiction Be Free?
Talking to this news agency here on Wednesday, the residents said that beverages and ice creams mitigate the hotness but the prices of ice creams have increased from Rs 8 to 10, juice of sugar cane is being sold at Rs 5 to 10 per glass.
Tasters liked the hotness, gave them a thumbs up - and found them delicious
Temper ature, or the degree of hotness or coldness, tells whether something is mild, too hot, or too cold.