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The more he thought of it, the more persuaded he felt of his own cleverness here, and the hotter and the angrier he grew.
With a last desperate effort, her heart beating faster and faster, the blood burning hotter and hotter in her cheeks, Mercy still controlled herself.
The scent appeared to be much hotter than before, for he had not even to put his nose on the ground, but tugged at his leash and tried to break into a run.
We know that it can perfectly well withstand a little more heat or cold, dampness or dryness, for elsewhere it ranges into slightly hotter or colder, damper or drier districts.
After the hotter days, it was delicious to sit quietly in the garden and watch the evening pass into night.
Back there, somewhere, were her hot little room and her still hotter bed; but between her and them lay a horrid desert of blackness across which one must feel one's way with outstretched, shrinking arms; while before her, out on the sun-parlor roof, were the moonlight and the cool, sweet night air.
The coming in here from the bedroom, with my pen and ink and paper, before sunrise--the sitting down at the widely- opened window to get all the air I could to cool me--the ceaseless writing, faster and faster, hotter and hotter, driving on more and more wakefully, all through the dreadful interval before the house was astir again--how clearly I recall it, from the beginning by candle-light, to the end on the page before this, in the sunshine of the new day!
He clutched his hair, and stopped his ears, and travelled madly round and round; then gave a frightful cry, and with it rushed away: still, still, the Bell tolled on and seemed to follow him--louder and louder, hotter and hotter yet.
Warm air from Africa and southern Europe is keeping temperatures at 20C, hotter than Mexico City.
SKELMERSDALE firm Hotter, the UK's biggest shoe manufacturer, has received its Queen's Award for Enterprise.
The ultimate KISS tribute Hotter Than Hell was formed in 2003, and has members from all over Europe, including Rome and Belfast.
Dubai, Aug 02 ( ANI ): Fans of Shahrukh Khan, who was in Dubai to promote his upcoming romantic comedic 'Chennai Express', have claimed that the actor looks hotter in a 'lungi' than his co-star Deepika Padukone.