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From watches equipped with two hour hands to the famous world-time models, an increasing number of timepieces are displaying two, three, four, 24 or even more time zones, all on the same dial.
Trying to explain these hands to a child is a semantic nightmare - 'The hour hand is the first hand, the second hand is the minute hand, and the third hand is the second hand.
Why did he not appoint a vicecaptain to replace Paul McGinley and then at the 11th hour hand the job to the inexperienced German Martin Kaymer?
His poetry was set by the Birmingham composer John Joubert, including one in his song-cycle The Hour Hand, recently released on CD.
On the hour, whichever bird the hour hand is pointing to will give a rendition of its song.
As the teacher moves the hour hand around the clock to change the time, have the students read the time aloud.
He says: "A Tory watch has an hour hand, a minute hand, a second hand, and one extra feature.
The left-to-right direction of the rotation, borrowed from horizontal solar clocks, soon became the norm, although some clocks sport an hour hand that rotates counter-clockwise, as is the case on vertical sundials.
The minute hand of our clock was on a minute, exactly 17 minutes ahead of the hour hand.
He moves around the chart in that perfect arc, takes a year to do it and acts like the hour hand on a clock even if it does move anti-clockwise.