house of correction

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West Boylston, breaking and entering in the daytime for a felony, dismissed; possession of a class A drug, guilty, six months in the House of Correction, committed, 67 days credit; violating of an abuse prevention order, six months in the House of Correction, concurrent.
Violators who would not or could not pay the penalty were to be sentenced to two months' hard labor at the local house of correction, in which case neither the informer nor the local overseer was compensated.
Jasim, 21, of 6 Roland Road, first floor, Worcester, breaking and entering a building in the daytime for a felony, guilty, two years in the House of Correction, 15 months to serve, balance suspended to Aug.
Jacob Velazquez, 25, of the Worcester County House of Correction, assault and battery, dismissed.
Clinton, shoplifting by asportation, third or subsequent offense, guilty, one year in the House of Correction, suspended until Feb.
Strictly speaking, the building that stands just outside the town, at the junction with the Fosseway, is not a prison; it is a house of correction.
Visitors to the market town's 18th Century House of Correction will be invited inside for a free view of life as it was in times gone by.
25) If the accused were too poor, and had no wealthy friends to guarantee appearance (as was often the case with prostitutes), he or she would instead be placed in a house of correction to await the next Quarter Sessions.