house of detention

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In June 1856, the House of Detention (Casa de Detencao), with a capacity for 160 inmates, was carved out of a section of the ground floor of the House of Correction.
The Ministry of Justice official's observation from 1888 quoted earlier concerning the status of the House of Detention at the end of the Empire--where "little by little the provisional passed into the definitive"--had been prescient; by the end of the first decade of the Republic, the Casa de Detencao had become a permanently provisional institution.
Part of the lensing took place inside the real House of Detention before it was closed, and its demolition last year provides a cathartic final image to a very tough picture.
1 Part 1 - Board of detainees in Indoor House of Detention and the Police Child-NPM Czestochowa
New to this year's event is The House of Detention venue - a subterranean Victorian prison hidden in the heart of Clerkenwell.
Plans to reopen Brooklyn House of Detention on hold [Brooklyn Paper]
City sheriffs took the landlord to the Brooklyn House of Detention on March 5.
We love these children," an unshaven, dazed Thorne said after emerging from the Queens House of Detention.
Contract award: Executive planning and execution of construction works of a new detention hall with 200 seats in the House of Detention in Sulmona - CIG 36162331E0 - CUP J53G11000230001.