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As client services staff receive orders for send-out microbiologic tests, they are held in the laboratory and delivered to the clinical pathology house staff once or twice daily, with a range of 0 to 12 requisitions daily.
9) This Note focuses on whether graduate students performing services for universities and house staff serving hospitals are employees under the NLRA.
CHURCH house staff during their pilgrimage to Holy Island
To gauge the ability of house staff and nurse practitioners to recognize and treat the two psychiatric disorders in high-risk cardiac patients, Dr.
The authors conclude by summarizing the major factors influencing the evolution of the White House staff during this period.
House staff were required to attend training sessions, and new house staff were trained as part of their initial orientation.
She conducted a dietary survey and obtained blood samples for analysis of vitamin D status in both spring and fall from 35 internal medicine house staff at Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland.
Church House staff helps by meeting with the support group to explain what their responsibilities are.
According to a report in World magazine, Dobson said he is "very encouraged" by Bush after seeing how helpful the White House staff has been in assisting his wife, Shirley Dobson, who organizes the National Day of Prayer.
Inservice education was provided to nurses and house staff on central-line management.
While the Clintons and Bushes attend the inauguration on January 20, the White House staff clears out the 130-room mansion.