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I take the view that every cloud has a silver lining and this decision is a golden opportunity for housebreakers and a terrible one for elderly homeowners.
I RECEIVED a lovely letter from a housebreaker, who advised that, due to his continuing hardship, he would be breaking into my home and stealing my worldly possessions.
A HAPLESS housebreaker who caused a gas leak, called 999 then passed out from the fumes has been spared prison a second time.
And, though well filmed, the drama is predictable when Oliver falls into the clutches of Fagin (Ben Kingsley) and his gang of thieves, led by housebreaker Bill Sykes (Jamie Foreman), his mistress Nancy (Leanne Rowe) and cheeky pickpocket The Artful Dodger (Harry Eden).
If a housebreaker sees there is a light on in a house, they are more likely to go elsewhere.
A HOUSEBREAKER who tried to get his pensioner victim prosecuted for having a gun was jailed for five years yesterday.
A SERIAL housebreaker who broke into a pub while the landlady slept has been jailed for nine months - after a judge gave him credit for not burgling more.
Hopalong housebreaker David Phillips, whose leg is amputated above the knee, had swiped computers and jewels in a series of raids.
But her screams for help sent the housebreaker sprinting for the door at her home in Cowes, Isle of Wight.
A prolific housebreaker who waged "war with society" finally admitted defeat as he was jailed for four years.
FOLLOWING the travesty of justice that sent the victim of a knife-wielding burglar to jail while allowing the poor, battered housebreaker to stay free, the Tories are talking tough.
WHILE it's admirable for Susan Boyle to forgive the housebreaker who robbed her, the attitude of the "ned" who did it encapsulates all that is wrong with what is laughingly called "justice" today.