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The act of using physical force to gain access to, and entering, a house with an intent to commit a felony inside.

In most states, housebreaking that occurs at night constitutes the crime of Burglary. Some statutes expand the definition of housebreaking to include breaking out of a house after entry has been achieved without the use of physical force, such as when access was gained under False Pretenses.

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in Scots criminal law, strictly speaking only an aggravation of theft and not a nominate crime. It consists in the surmounting of the security of a building or entering it in any unusual way and the ‘house’ part is satisfied if the building concerned has a roof Housebreaking without intent to steal is not a crime in Scots law although it is likely to constitute a criminal offence of being in a building without permission. See BURGLARY.
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Scotland's prison service has come under fire for the mistaken release of killer James McCormick (17), and housebreaker Colin Watson (32), on Thursday.
SOCCER star Mickey Weir called in police after a housebreaker stole his Motherwell training kit...
For far too long this country has been a housebreaker's paradise with little or no sanction on those who violate people's homes.
A HAPLESS housebreaker burgled his neighbour's home then rumbled himself by trying to sell some of the stolen goods to a friend of the victim.
Prolific housebreaker Lee Fueloep, from Barnsley, said he was threatened with death if he didn't burgle the property on Bagden Lane.
"You have become a prolific housebreaker," Judge Michael Challinor told Taylor, 26, of Hart Road, Wednesfield, at Wolverhampton Crown Court, before sentencing him to two years in prison.
And they want one of the people to be a housebreaker or thief.
The High Court in Edinburgh heard housebreaker James McKay, dad of Linda's daughter, said he was scared police might "fit him up" for killing Elaine, 16.
Burglars from Dublin to Doha will be toasting Phil Hogan as the man who has finally gave the housebreaker a break.
A PROLIFIC housebreaker is behind bars today for his 20th house burglary.
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But after the bungled release of housebreaker Colin Watson and murderer Jamie McCormick from court on Thursday, the extension of the scheme across Scotland has been shelved.