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The act of using physical force to gain access to, and entering, a house with an intent to commit a felony inside.

In most states, housebreaking that occurs at night constitutes the crime of Burglary. Some statutes expand the definition of housebreaking to include breaking out of a house after entry has been achieved without the use of physical force, such as when access was gained under False Pretenses.

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in Scots criminal law, strictly speaking only an aggravation of theft and not a nominate crime. It consists in the surmounting of the security of a building or entering it in any unusual way and the ‘house’ part is satisfied if the building concerned has a roof Housebreaking without intent to steal is not a crime in Scots law although it is likely to constitute a criminal offence of being in a building without permission. See BURGLARY.
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Twelve 14-year-old housebreakers and wouldbe offenders were collared in North Lanarkshire during the three-year period, along with 16 aged just 15.
CHILDREN as young as 15 were among suspected housebreakers arrested by police in a crackdown in Edinburgh.
Burglars from Dublin to Doha will be toasting Phil Hogan as the man who has finally gave the housebreaker a break.
Now Justice Minister Alan Shatter has revealed that in Dublin, where Operation Acer is under way, gardai have already had significant success against serial housebreakers. He said that since March 15, 398 people have been arrested and property worth EUR670,000 recovered.
If we take the current attitude to its logical conclusion drug dealers and others should be sent a statutory three-day warning of any police raid and night foot patrols fitted with flashing blue lights and audible warning so that muggers and housebreakers can avoid suspicious behaviour.
Det Insp Bob Bradford, from Thornhill Road CID, appealed to householders to do their bit to keep the housebreakers out.
Today we show you where the housebreakers have struck - 28 times from Monday to Wednesday - and appeal for your help in keeping them out in the cold.
Not that Nuvo is expected to replace Moses the talking parrot as a deterrent to housebreakers.
It provides further proof that nowadays even burglars and housebreakers expect to have the same ``rights'' as law-abiding citizens.
Ministers believe tagging will prove a particularly effective punishment against housebreakers and vandals - who usually commit their offences at night.
"The community payback scheme passed by SNP ministers has a huge black hole in its funding and will let muggers, housebreakers and even sex offenders dodge jail."
Maybe the dissidents and the tiger kidnappers, and the muggers and the housebreakers in Maghaberry should annouce that they're just out to do their bit for global jihad.