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Inside his open housecoat she began to writhe and undulate as though trying to climb or lift him.
Whenever I feel like getting married, they send over a lady in a housecoat and hair curlers to burn my toast for me.
Two children abandoned in a campground are left only with a phone number and a housecoat painted with tiny fireflies, providing young Tessa with her only connection to her past.
Pearson likes him, too, though the Oxford professor spends too much time making fun of the upwardly mobile philosophe for his foppish wigs, his ermine and velvet housecoat, his loathing of novels, his badmouthing of Shakespeare, his loan-sharking and his war-profiteering, and the very idea of his ever having been an altar boy.
Hungarian hunter Henrietta heats hash, hems hazel housecoat
I am tired of standing, and the basement, despite the gas heater chugging in the corner, is uncomfortably cold for me, already in my housecoat.
As he glances back, he sees her sitting in a housecoat, coffee and newspaper in hand to catch her breath before the busies of the day take over.
Brillinger (who filed the complaint on behalf of the Archives) can live his life the way he wants to, but my client has to take his religion off like a housecoat and leave it hanging behind the front door when he goes out in the mornings.
In the yet sadder picture from Washington he is huddled in anxiety; partly wrapped in his slipping fur-edged housecoat and with his collar drawn up against the cold.
She was standing near the open window with one hand clasping the top of her housecoat.
But Blethyn was obviously wise to lend sleazy impresario Michael Caine her housecoat.