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Kirklees was the first council in the country to introduce a reduction scheme for householders aged 65 or over, and will be continuing with the scheme in the coming year.
According to the authority householders are now using all manner of sacks to put their rubbish out.
The judges rejected a human rights challenge brought by the family of an alleged intruder who was left in a coma after being confronted by a householder in Gillingham, Kent, at about 3am on December 15 2013.
He added: "It is already within the legal base of the property tax to allow householders to deal with reducing values from any extraneous event including flooding.
Householders benefit by having access to renewable-generated power without large upfront outlays.
The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced on Wednesday that it has extended the Green Deal cash-back scheme for UK householders who carry out energy efficiency improvements, which is intended to help drive down fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions.
THE Energy Saving Trust has launched a new advice leaflet to help enable householders across Wales reduce the risks associated with condensation, dampness and mould growth within the home.
Two elderly householders have been targeted and each time the caller has claimed to be from the gas board and stated they needed to check the meter.
CONSUMER watchdogs are warning Birmingham householders to be on their guard after fraudsters have been offering bogus energy saving services.
WITH the Met Office warning that the cold weather could last until the end of April, the National Insulation Association (NIA) is urging householders to protect themselves by insulating without delay.
Its 2011 American Community Survey found that 52 percent of foreign-born "householders" people in whose names houses are owned, being bought or rented owned their homes, compared to 67 percent of native-born householders.
The measures make it impossible for cash-strapped householders to avoid the property tax.