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HOUSEKEEPER. One who occupies a house.
     2. A person who occupies every room in the house, under a lease, except one, which is reserved for his landlord, who pays all the taxes, is not a housekeeper. 1 Chit. Rep. 502. Nor is a person a housekeeper, who takes a house, which be afterwards underlets to another, whom the landlord refuses to accept as his tenant; in this case, the under-tenant aid the, taxes and let to the tenant the, first floor of the house, and the rent was paid for the whole house to the tenant, who paid it to the landlord. Id. note.
     3. In order to make the party a house-keeper, he must be in actual possession of the house; 1 Chit. Rep. 288 and must occupy a whole house. 1 Chit. Rep. 316. See 1 Barn. & Cresw. 178; 2 T. R. 406; 1 Bott, 5; 3 Petersd, Ab. 103, note; 2 Mart. Lo. R. 313.

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Lala is flighty and fancies herself an artist, which to her mother's anxious imagination means she's destined to housekeep for 85 cats and be arrested running down the street in her wrapper if she doesn't settle down and get married right quick.
For example, entering the keyword of housekeep for Titles or in the descriptions provides 30 job possibilities from Administrative Assistant who supervises housekeepers to a variety of housekeeping occupations.
The index terms for the Work relation are EV(ery)DAY TASK, EXPEDITE, HOUSEKEEP, MAINT(enance), PROC(ess) DES(ign), PROD(ess) DES(ign), PRODUCTION, QA, SELLING, SETUP, SHIPPING, TOOLING, UNP(restigious) S(u)PP(o)RT, and WORK.
It would take a lot of my time to housekeep my departments,' says Krizan.