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So what with working and housekeeping, and lessons to Charley, and backgammon in the evening with my guardian, and duets with Ada, the three weeks slipped fast away.
I then put it to Miss Mills, to say whether she considered that there was or was not any practical merit in the suggestion I had been anxious to make, concerning the accounts, the housekeeping, and the Cookery Book?
Joe - I never thought I was going to rob Joe, for I never thought of any of the housekeeping property as his - united to the necessity of always keeping one hand on my bread-and-butter as I sat, or when I was ordered about the kitchen on any small errand, almost drove me out of my mind.
Carr, who had dined with his friends under the excuse of not adding to the awkwardness of the first day's housekeeping returned late at night with a mass of papers and drawings, into which he afterwards withdrew, but not until he had delivered himself of a mysterious package entrusted to him by the young men for his daughters.
CHICAGO -- Culligan International Company, a global innovator of high-quality water treatment solutions for residential and business use, announced that it is the recipient of the Good Housekeeping Seal for the fourth consecutive year.
Culligan products which have been tested by The Good Housekeeping Research Institute and are covered by The Good Housekeeping Seal include the following:
Beginning with the Grand Peninsula Community, new home buyers will be made aware of the array of Good Housekeeping Seal products that K.
With the credibility of both the Hovnanian and Good Housekeeping brands, consumers who will know that they will be moving into a home that is
LAS VEGAS -- In a major new survey, the Good Housekeeping Institute has found that the majority of female consumers (61%) believe that technology, overall, is advancing more quickly than they can incorporate it into their lives.