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The Seal may be carried only by those products whose ads have been reviewed and accepted for publication in Good Housekeeping.
Consumers want a battery they can trust to serve as the heart of their treasured devices, and the Good Housekeeping Seal is one more example that Duracell is trusted everywhere," said Rick June, vice president and general manager, North America.
According to research conducted in March 2005 by Fairfield Research of Lincoln, NE, 94% of consumers have a positive awareness of the Good Housekeeping Seal.
CONTACT: Laura VanVelthoven, Hovnanian Enterprises, +1-732-212-2286, or Elizabeth Wasden, Good Housekeeping, +1-212-649-2619
For more information on the Good Housekeeping Seal, visit: www.
We are pleased to let consumers know that GP's DensArmor Plus wallboard panels and DensShield tile backer board are backed by the esteemed Good Housekeeping Seal," said Dave Fleiner, president of G-P Gypsum.